Studio B Sessions EP - Vol 1

by John Ireland

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released February 25, 2014


all rights reserved



John Ireland Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Siren Songs
Can you hear them siren songs?
It’ll make you crazy ‘for too long
Make sure there are solid battle lines
Or you might not come out of this alive

Can you hear them creatures’ sing?
Voices smooth as silk and sheen
Sad songs of bittersweet melodies
While they touch your heart and
sweep you off your feet

They are beautifully enchanting
(and) can captivate the throngs
They won’t waste another breath
before it’s sung them siren songs

Met a girl from Fredericksburg
Who played guitar and sang her words
She could kill you with a look
From the stage she planned and schemed
and carved her hooks

She was married far too early
And won’t will them off at bay
She could sleep with every
guy she tranquilized by her Siren songs

I’m not waiting for a sign
To windup in your cross-hair lines
Are you a new age femme fatale?
In your “meadow starred with flowers” and sunken sails

You were minions for a maiden
And were given wings of gold
You won’t waste another day before you’ll know
You are beautifully enchanting
And are truthful more than wrong
You won’t waste another breath before you’ve sung
Your siren song
Track Name: Word Trapped
I’m the loneliest guy on the weekends
I never learned to relax
The happy couples would make it look easy
I’m always feeling word- trapped

I sit at home all alone and I’m reelin’
Why do I never have plans?
‘Cause I’m the loneliest guy on the weekend
Will always be stag?
Another weekend gone bad

I wonder if I’m trite and obnoxious
With the ladies I meet
Do I argue too much or say the wrong things
Instead of just agreeing?

I set my sights on out-of-my league maidens
I'm running when I can’t even walk
Just bitter and angry at the world in general
Do you suppose it's my curse?
Will I ever be heard?

I drink too much, alone on the weekends
To chase my demons away
But I’m the loneliest guy on the weekend
And in my home’s where I’ll stay
Just venting while I self-deprecate
Be single when there’s no one to blame
I’ve got nothing more to say
Track Name: Fifteen Minutes
Found the nerve to sing my songs at a local open mic
I’ll get some inspiration and to play and drink a pint
The signup sheet filled up quick so I penned the dotted line
“You’ll do fine, you’ll do fine, you’ll do fine”

Crowd was intoxicated and smoke was in the air
We all get fifteen minutes anymore it won’t be fair
The players sang two songs and then again to fill their set
“You’re up next, do your best and break a leg”

You can’t hear yourself above the din
The monitors’ sound like shit
The feedback from the mains is kinda lame
Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame

Check that I’m in tune and do my “do-re-me’s” outside
Calm my trepid heart and quell my pre-show butterflies
I only have three tries to prove that I am bona fide
Hope it works ‘cause the stage just feels right

I can’t hear myself above the din
The youthful celebrate old sins
I’ll party with new strangers I call friends
Dedicate my fifteen minutes to them

Some of us will get a chance to prove that we can shine
With a guitar and a melody and a song you wrote last night
They’re not handing out graduation papers for creativity
Not by them; not for you; not for me

You got fifteen minutes and what it takes
make a stand; state a case
Stamp down their cold impressions to the floor
But you need fifteen minutes more
But you need fifteen minutes more
All you need fifteen minutes more
Track Name: Singing In The Dark
Singing in the dark
Friday night on my own
Electricity’s off
From the evil Derecho show
The doggies afraid
But chases flashlight rays
Only your voice through the phone
Can keep me un-alone

Trying to kill time
Seems it’s all we’ve got
So I’ll sing you a song
And tell you I just made it up
While I play my guitar
And sing across town cell towers
Connections breaks down
And we don’t know for how long

I don’t wanna hang up
I just want to get back to our conversation
Will you still be there for me when I’m singing the dark?

Trying to fall asleep
The house is pitch black dark
‘cept the dance of the flame
from the candle sketches shadows above
it’s stifling hot and I tussle and toss about
But tomorrow comes slow
By then everyone will know

I really want this to end
I just wanna get back to the life that we had
Where I’m not wondering if I’ll be
Singing in the dark
Track Name: Lazy Summer Days
Sitting on my stoop on a warm early evening
With no cares or worries on my mind
Didn’t care for mosquitoes or the hot wet sweat
It’s what you get with the summertime

Was thinking ‘bout tomorrow, the drain and the weather
While today became yesterday
The fire in your eyes formed a perfect mirror
Of these hot and lazy summer days

And I long for November
The colored leaves on the ground
But these days will be over
When they’re gone then you’ll want them around

My lady was slaving a sure fire bet
And took the level to another shade
She was fanning the flames higher, her air would never change
These long hot lazy summer days

I used to think that I was intangible
Just skipping stones on a dry river bed
It took me several years just to figure it out
My heart was empty for something you couldn’t give

And I long for November
The frosting on the window panes
These days will get shorter
And distance helps the memories fade

Sitting on my stoop on a cold autumn evening
I’m feeling like I’ve been betrayed
I think of how I bitched, how I pined, now I miss
Those long hot lazy summer days

And I wish for the summer
Where you and I’ve seen better days
But those times have been over
They’re gone and they can’t be replaced
How I long for the hot summer days